Transitioning from Campus to Workplace

Every year graduating engineers are told that they are destined for success. But what are the habits and behaviors that actually lead to success? In What I did not learn at IIT, Rajeev Agarwal, the Founder and CEO of MAQ Software, has distilled decades of life experience into one accessible and informative guide.


  • Manage WorkManage your work by planning ahead, following the standards and being solution oriented
  • Campus to Workplace TransitionLearn about all the departments in your company and try to create your network with your alumni in the company and the city
  • Personal EffectivenessLearn as much as you can while finding the balance between your personal and professional life
  • Manage Health and MoneyFollow and adhere to a checklist for healthy habits and money saving measures

Who is This Book For

Young Professionals

Provides you with deep insights as you take your initial steps in your career

Upcoming Leaders

Today’s students, Tomorrow’s leaders

Smart Savers

Provides checklists to those who want to save big and save better

Budding Entrepreneurs

Prepares you well as you enter the real world

Copies in circulation
Pages of insightful advice and checklists for leading a successful career
Words spanning eight chapters, including many useful tools and worksheets
References to a wide variety of authoritative works about careers and life